Marlous van der Toorn

Jewelry Designer Marlous van der Toorn

Meet the Designer

Marlous van der Toorn is a jewelry designer with a background in fashion. Four years ago she started her creative journey. This resulted in a 6-month adventure that took her to the other side of the world. In Bali, Indonesia, she learned from local artisans the art and crafts of jewelry making. The outcome is a beautiful line of exclusive, complimentary pieces. After launching six successful collections, she is ready for gold. She carefully curated a selection of her favorites which made the final gold selection. To top it off, she added ‘Pearls'.

Marlous van der Toorn: "As a little girl I dreamed of being a designer. Although I took some other directions in my younger years. I found my dream back after a six-month sabbatical. On the other side of the world, I had the power, the will and most importantly the opportunity to design a jewelry collection. After a few collections, I'm ready for gold. I made a beautiful selection of the current designs and created a new gold collection, 'The Pearl'.

Creating my own designs and the opportunity to share these with you makes me feel very privileged. When I see women lighten up by wearing my designs, I literally see a little glimpse of her inner beauty coming out. The power of the simplicity, the elegance of the gold and the edge of the new shapes combine that I can see women enlighten. For me, it's important that women feel beautiful, free and strong."

The Netherlands, The Hague